Living Trust

Estate planning done right. Make sure your assets are transferred to your heirs while avoiding probate.

What happens to your crypto when you die?

If you were to die tomorrow your crypto would probably be lost forever. Your spouse, parents, or children probably don't know where you've stored your seed phrases, they don't know how to operate a hardware wallet.

Lightbeam allows you to create a Crypto Trust Fund. Make sure your assets are transferred safely & securely to your loved ones in the case of an emergency or death.

Our non-custodial solution provides you with everything needed to make sure your relatives receive your most valued possessions (your NFTs 🤣) even if they have no idea what crypto is.

~$370B of Bitcoin is lost.

No signs of losses slowing down.

Keep your assets in a secure Trust Fund Vault.

Use the best security practices available to safeguard your crypto and make sure you & your relatives never lose access to your crypto 💰.

Crypto Trust Fund Wallets.

The smartest way to invest in cryptocurrencies today with no additional headaches.


Enhanced privacy & security, avoid probate, and leverage advanced estate planning strategies.

Easy portfolio management

Have a list of all of your crypto assets in one place with strict rules as to how they should be distributed to your beneficiaries.

Decentralized & Secure

Your Trust Fund will live on the blockchain forever and will make sure your crypto is protected using the best security practices available.

Avoid Probate

Probate is costly. Make sure your crypto assets are safely transferred to your heirs.

Family Connection

Your loved ones will be in the fold and will have a specific plan you've laid out in place for them to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

What is a Revocable Living Trust (RLT)?

A RLT is a trust contract used to protect the assets of the owner as he/she ages. The owner (aka grantor) can make changes to the Trust as they see fit. The trust provides clear instructions as to how assets should be transferred the owner's beneficiaries after the death or incapacitation of the owner.

Do I have to give up control of my crypto assets?

No, your crypto Living Trust Fund can be entirely controlled by yourself. Our platform uses advanced security tools (including multi-party compute) to make sure you safeguard your crypto assets and allow loved ones to access those funds only after you've passed away or become incapacitated.

How can I monitor my trust fund and all the assets held inside of it?

You can log into our trust administration platform to see your trust fund balances in real-time, download annual statements, approve/reject distributions, & more.

Can a Living Trust be used to avoid probate?

Yes! A Living Trust is the most effective tool in making sure your loved ones avoid the costly probate process‍

Can I invest within my Living Trust Fund?

Yes, you can do everything you can do when you are not using a Trust Fund. Invest in your favorite cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and more like you've been doing all along, but in a more responsible way.

How much does it cost? Are there annual fees?

Free! For a limited time only.

There are no recurring fees - $0/yr 🙂.

Get a Trust Fund in minutes, literally.

We shrunk the process from 18 months to only a few minutes. Not too bad, huh? 😉