We're building wealth management for Web3 and beyond. 🚀

A trillion dollar market didn't exist a few years ago.

Anyone invested in cryptocurrencies has seen their wealth grow exponentially in just the first two months of the year (2021). Therefore, any individual that has now found themselves in this sort of dilemma (a very good problem to have 😃) should take considerations into properly protecting & accounting for these assets.

For some investors, the rise of crypto has resulted in life changing financial gains. However, most of these success stories and the many that follow haven't taken any serious action towards strengthening the financial & legal postures of their crypto portfolios.

$174.6 Billion Trust Revenue

2021 Revenue for the U.S. Trust & Estate industry.

307% Global Growth

This year's growth on transaction value.

4.7 Million aged 20-45

Amount of U.S. millionaires who own crypto.
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A solution didn't exist, so we created it.

With Lightbeam, create and onboard a Trust fund with a few simple clicks. Simplify admin of Trust Funds through our Trust company. Expert community sharing legal frameworks + tax strategies based on investment goals. Backed by experts and legal advisors from the Trust Fund industry.


Projected Annual
Market Growth


New American
millionaires daily

Our Critical Values

Trust Companies have a reputation of being super secretive, so we want to flip the narrative with how we will work.

Open source, always

We have all of our repository on Github. Feel free to check it out! Constructive criticism welcomed.

Decentralized & Secure

We built Lightbeam on the Ethereum Mainnet, leveraging these superpowers thanks to Vitalik.

Transparency + Openness

We aim to be transparent on every front, from the team to our plans. We want to #BuildInPublic!


We're building this product with the user in mind every step of the way. That means tons of input from you.

Get a Trust Fund in minutes, literally.

We shrunk the process from 18 months to only a few minutes. Not too bad, huh? 😉

Meet the squad building Lightbeam Financial

With a multifaceted team like this, we might be making a product that is too effective, if that's even possible.

What does the press say?

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Our partners

These are the even cooler people we are lucky to call friends in building Lightbeam. Check them out! They're doing some pretty cool things.

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