Crypto Trust Funds. Protect your legacy.

Take care of your family's financial future by using our easy-to-use products designed to make sure your crypto assets are safely transferred to your loved ones. ❤️

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What happens to your crypto when you die?

Not many people think of what happens to their crypto when they die. Make sure your crypto isn't lost forever. Take care of your loved ones.

Domestic Asset Protection Trust

Safeguard your digital assets against creditors, frivolous lawsuits, predatory tax authorities, wealth taxes, divorcing spouses, & more.

Trust Fund
Smart Contract

HODL the smart way by transferring digital assets to your trust fund smart contract  with built-in multi-sig & treasury mgmt. functionality.

Incomplete Non-Grantor Trust

When crypto moons and you decide to take money off the table, save big on state income taxes by using an ING trust.

Equity Stripping

Protect your hard-earned assets from creditors with one of the most successful forms of  protection — now on-chain, thanks to the power of Web3. Thanks, Vlad. <3

Holding Company

An LLC allows crypto investors to write-off casualty losses, retroactively offset past or future capital gains, asset protection, and multiple tax planning opportunities.

Tax Planning and Advisory

Take advantage of tax-loss harvesting, income upstreaming, gifting strategies, and more to legally lower your tax liabilities.

Safeguard almost every Web3 asset.

Take care of your
loved ones by creating a Crypto Trust Fund. ❤️

What happens to your crypto assets when you die? Make sure they are not lost forever and you're able to take care of your family.

Never worry about this. 👇

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